Days of the week socks great for school.


Last year we discovered “Days of the week” socks in H&M and for the most part my son remembered to wear the correct day going to school. Thought it was a fun way to learn the different spellings too and it made getting dressed in the morning a little easier as we didn’t hear what socks should I wear instead it was where are my monday socks? Of course there are days when the days are out of sequence and not matching but that is alright as the socks are colourful and fun in their own right. I know some people believe that it is lucky for them to only wear odd socks which does in come handy as pairs do have a tendency to go missing in the laundry.

When home in Ireland we bought more week socks in Marks & Spencers the days are on the soles for a change, I do prefer the words being around the top of the sock.

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