Make a Pinecone Wreath for Autumn/Fall

On a recent walk I gathered up some nice medium and small pinecones which I thought would be perfect for a wreath. I knotted up the bag so hopefully preventing any creepy crawlies from escaping which brings me to the next step, baking the cones in the oven @ 200 degrees for approximately 30 minutes which fingers crossed destroys any unwanted visitors it also creates a seasonal aroma in the kitchen.


While I was waiting for the cones to cool down I traced two circles using a large dinner plate onto some sturdy cardboard from a box I’d saved. In the centre I traced smaller circles using a side plate. I then cut out the circles and used a glue gun to stick them together creating a stiff base to attach the cones.

As I was only using cones I thought for interest I’d cut the tops of the less than perfect ones so I could vary the look on the wreath, it is a little tricky trimming them however as you are gluing the cut part to the base and it won’t be seen it doesn’t really matter. I find there is no real exact science to making a wreath the cones suggest their own arrangement and one keeps gluing until you achieve the desired look.

When the wreath was done I poked some string through the top of the card base {should have done that first}. I found some orange ribbon and made a standard bow from my Malcolm Hillier’s “Christmas” book. I attached the finished bow to the wreath using some fine wire and hung on our front door.By adding a red bow the wreath would be suitable for Holiday/Christmas.

The wreath cost nearly nothing to make {except for glue sticks} and in a way was a recycling project.


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