Valentine cards to make with children

So many of the craft projects that I write about require materials that one usually has already such as glue,paper and scissors. I like to recycle and repurpose as much as I can so thence my fondness for shopping bags, old envelopes,papers with interesting type and paint chips etc. I love the challenge of thinking what can I revamp or use up. Plus I think one is less precious when you didn’t have to spend a lot. Of course for those special projects I will make a trip to the art store or fabric shop.

You will need:

  1. Card or heavy paper
  2. Hole puncher or thick needle will do
  3. Needle and thread {thick thread is best eg embroidery floss, fine string or wool}

To make:

So Jack drew out a heart, I helped him punch small holes all around the heart shape.

IMG_5470             IMG_5471

Had to use a needle in places that the punch wouldn’t reach. Anyway it was fun
watchingJack learn how to thread a needle and also sew, he had to get used to the
fact that a certain technique was required and also how to rethread his needle. I ended up finishing the last couple of stitches as he ran off to play with his toys.

IMG_5472              IMG_5468

It will be interesting to see what messages he writes inside.

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