Artisan KitchenAid 5-Quart Stand Mix

For awhile I was on the fence about purchasing a free-standing mixer such as one made by KitchenAid but I am so glad that I did.

Some of the reasons that I hesitated were:

1. We live in a typical New York City apartment, where kitchens tend to be small and counter and storage space is a premium.

2. The price can range from $350.00 to $700.00.

3. Since I only bake for my family, I wondered if I would use one frequently enough to justify getting one.

I did look at other brands but thought the KitchenAid seemed like the best one as it is assembled in America, they do look very nice and they have an established reputation.

Finally, two people persuaded me to go ahead and make the purchase. My good college friend Hilda got one and she really liked it. And the well known food author and Celebrity Chef, Nigella Lawson recommends having a free-standing mixer in her book “How To Be A Domestic Goddess” {love that title even if you don’t bake, I think it would look great on a bookshelf}. I have included the said page in the photograph below.


I ended up buying the Artisan KitchenAid last year at Bed Bath and Beyond and I saved a bit of money by using one of their 20% off coupons. KitchenAid were also giving a rebate with every purchase at that time, too.

IMG_6456              IMG_6457

The Artisan comes with three accessories: a flat beater, a wire whip and a dough hook. I use the flat beater and the dough hook the most. It also comes with an Instruction and Recipe Book which is very informative. There are five sections:

Appetizers & Entrees; Breads; Cakes & Frostings; Pies & Desserts; and Candies, Cookies & Bars. In the Bread Section there is a piece on shaping a loaf that is very helpful and I now apply that method to all the loaf recipes that I make.

According to the manual it is advisable not to keep an attachment on your mixer and as the KitchenAid does not come with a storage container for the accessories I keep them in a shoe box with some bubble wrap for protection.

Since getting the mixer my breads and pizzas have really improved. They rise up a lot more than before. It is great being able to start the bread making process while I do other tasks in the kitchen. I can measure out flour as the mixer creams together butter and sugar.


I keep the KitchenAid on top of our butcher block from Ikea. The Stenstorp cart is very handy, I bought the baskets in Crate and Barrel so we can store baking tins, kitchen linens and other items in them.

IMG_5190_2                IMG_5260_2

I am so happy that I bought my KitchenAid and I use it many times during the week to make loaves of bread, cookies, biscuits and pizza dough. I’ve only had trouble with my sponges not rising up as much as I would like, so that is something I need to practice.

My only regret is that I waited so long to buy one!

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