363 days till St. Patrick’s Day

This has been a busy week with St Patrick’s Day celebrations at school and at home. Made Guinness Stew for the first time which was delicious so will definitely be making again.

IMG_6061 IMG_6070

I was looking through our Irish themed picture story books for St. Patrick’s Day craft ideas to do with J’s class at school. We like Tomie dePaola’s “Patrick Patron Saint of Ireland” and “A Fine St Patrick’s Day” by Susan Wojciechowski which is about an Irish village painting all their buildings green in order that they might win a competition against a rival village.


Another of our favourite books is “This is Ireland” by M. Sasek which has wonderful classic illustrations from the 1960s showing various scenes of Irish life from bygone times.

IMG_6094 IMG_6090

I especially like how he depicted all the different counties of Ireland in various shades of green which reminded me of a patchwork or a mosaic.  It gave me the idea to create a mosaic shamrock.

IMG_6093 IMG_6091

Materials Needed:

  1. Stiff card – such as cereal boxes
  2. Green paint shade cards chopped up into small squares
  3. Glue
  4. Hole punch and Green garden twine optional


Draw out a shamrock and cut it out to us as a template for the other shamrocks. Use glue to stick down green squares to create your desired pattern. When finished trim any of the squares that might be sticking out so as to restore shamrock shape. Punch hole in top and attach string for hanging.

IMG_6017 IMG_6039

Another enjoyable part of doing the project was talking to the children about mosaics and where we see them in everyday life such as the subway and how we can use so many varied materials to create them.

images-1 images-2

It was also interesting for me as someone who grew up in Ireland to find out that American children know more about Leprechauns than they do about St Patrick!

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