Easter Crafts

Happy April Fool’s Day to all and Happy Birthday to my sister Dr B. Spring is finally here and we’ve been getting in the mood by baking Hot Cross Buns and making some Easter inspired crafts. My son is very fond of Rabbits and takes his small and large Woodland Babe Bunnys to bed every night without fail, so it seems only fitting that our following crafts have a Bunny theme.


Materials needed to make Bunny:

  • Empty toilet roll
  • Stiff paper approximately 4″x 6.5″ (10.5cm x 16.5cm) to wrap around roll
  • Extra paper to make ears plus contrast paper for inner ears
  • 2 Brass Plated Fasteners 1/2″long {bought in our local stationery shop}
  • Cotton Ball for tail
  • Small hole punch
  • Scissors
  • Pencil and Markers to decorate



Cut out two main ears, then cut out two smaller inner ears in a contrast paper and stick onto main ears. Punch two small holes in toilet roll and ears and attach to roll using brass fasteners. You can have the fasteners facing either way whatever is easier for small hands to do. What is nice about using the fasteners is you can bend the ears and wiggle them around which creates a bunny with character which children love.


Wrap rectangle piece of stiff paper around roll, I find using a piece of sellotape helps hold it in position and then glue on the back.


Draw the rabbit’s face and glue on tail.

IMG_6194        IMG_6278

Other options include making a garland using a group of rabbits, by adding holes and string. Also by adding a cut out egg to the rabbit you can make fun place cards too.


Easter Cards

Materials needed:

  • Card stock for bunny card shape plus extra for cut out ears
  • Contrast paper for inner ear
  • Scissors
  • Small hole punch
  • Small Brads
  • Pencil/marker
  • Decorative embellishments that you can make or buy


IMG_6203     IMG_6210

Fold card stock in half and draw outline of a bunny’s body. Then cut out. Punch small holes on top of the bunny’s head. Punch holes to the bunny’s ears, attach to the head using the small brads. The movable ears are a nice feature and can be moved down so that the bunny fits snugly in an envelope for posting/mailing.

IMG_6211         IMG_6213

We glued extra paper onto the bunny’s head to cover the brads, this is not essential you could add bows or decorations instead to cover the fasteners. Now for the fun part drawing a face on the bunny and decorating. Wishing everyone a Hippity Hoppy Easter!

IMG_6291       IMG_6268

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