Quick and easy recipe for Ice Pops

A couple of Birthdays ago my hubby received a set of shot glasses from his sister which we have since put to good use for making ice pops. It seems appropriate as his Birthday is in the summer and neither of us drink shots that often.

IMG_7349   IMG_7332

We use whatever fruit we have handy which happened to be oranges. My son loves squeezing the halved oranges, we then pour the juice into the glasses. I use recycled wooden ice cream sticks which I collect during the summer {they are so handy for arts and crafts and also for labeling plants in the garden}. To keep the sticks upright I made some gold foil caps which I had cut a slit in so I could push the sticks through. Then I popped them in our freezer as the glasses are small they don’t take that long to harden, just run them under the hot tap to make them easier to remove from the glass.

IMG_7412      IMG_7331

To make the striped ice pops I started with a layer of mashed up raspberries {then added the stick} and froze, then added a layer of mashed up nectarine which I froze and then the final layer was some mashed up blueberry which was also frozen. There is no need for the caps as the fruits are mashed so the stick stay in place. The whole process didn’t take long as the layers weren’t that deep. My son said they were delicious and he loves having a few when he gets home after school when the weather is so hot and humid.


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