A Garden-Pink

I hadn’t realized that we had so many pink flowers in our garden until I thought it would be nice to do a piece on the different colours in throughout ours. Even though the Bleeding Heart is no longer in bloom I still wanted to include it as it does look very showy. Another plant with showy blooms is the Astilbe we have white and pink ones in our garden and they remind me of elegant feather dusters.

IMG_6949       IMG_8149

This week the Anemone’s flowers burst forth, they are amazing as they will bloom through the summer and beyond.

IMG_8159      IMG_8157

Roses are wonderful bloomers too but not so easy to capture. I have only lately really truly appreciated the amazing flowers of Hydrangeas and how intricate they are and the beautiful different shades that the individual mops turn. They have been easy to grow and also propagate, I have only tried the Ground Layering system; take a green stem which is close to the ground, gently remove most of the leaves except the top few, dig a trench and pop the stem in it and cover with soil. Sometimes I place a small rock on top to stop it from springing up. In a couple of months the stem will have developed roots and you can separate it from the Hydrangea and plant somewhere else or leave to create a bigger plant.

IMG_7317      IMG_8148

I love Coral Bells along with Hydrangeas they were one of the first plants that I tried in our garden and they are there year round and come in lots of different colours with delicate flowers that look almost like jewels. They are easy to divide and this year I’m noticing tiny new plants popping up around the garden which is a nice surprise. I don’t remember noticing them as a child in Ireland but now when I go home on holidays I see them in the gardens of stately homes and parks. I recently ordered the Yarrow plant Achillea HeidiI had read about it in the Bluestone Perennials catalogue which is very informative and it said they didn’t mind coastal beach type conditions so I thought it might work near one of the window fans that front our garden, I chose the pinkish colour as I had planted a similar colour Sedum nearby. Both plants are doing well I am happy to report

IMG_8146      IMG_8162

You take a pink,

You dig above its roots and water it 

And so improve it to a garden-pink,

But  will not change it to a heliotrope,

Extract from Aurora Leigh by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

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3 thoughts on “A Garden-Pink

  1. Your garden is just lovely, Anne! I love all of the shades of pink. It would be so nice to add these anemones to my garden in the Midwest. I admire them whenever I see them in friends’ gardens. Wishing you a great weekend! ♡


  2. Love your photos Anne! All such familiar flowers. I am growing sunflowers, petunias and gerainums as well as lilys and my favourite, agapanthus! Lots of others too but I am more interested in growing stuff you can eat!!! Patricia


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