Garden Ornaments

Stone Urns and elaborate pots are some of the popular decorative accents used in a garden.


Walled Vegetable Garden, National Botanic Gardens, Dublin, Ireland


Sundial on a pedestal at the National Botanic Gardens, Dublin, Ireland. Sundials nowadays are more ornamental but are actually one of the oldest devices for measuring time and are were first used by the Egyptians. The golden age of sundials is between 1500 and 1800 AD. In the late 1800s mechanical clocks became more affordable and began to replace sundials as a timepiece.


Armillary Sundial, Drimagh Castle, Dublin, Ireland. It is thought that the Greeks created this sphere also known as an equatorial sundial or shadow clock which were once used to tell time and now used as a decorative addition to a formal garden. Along with sundials the shadow clocks are usually located at the centre of a garden or at the intersection of pathways. Armillary Sphere in featured image is also from Drimnagh Castle, Ireland.

Garden ornaments can be informal and quirky like these repurposed teapots.

IMG_5018 IMG_8341

Courtyard of the shop Sea Green, Monkstown, Dublin, Ireland. They have since relocated further up the street to a smaller premises which was as a shame as they no longer have space for a coffee shop or their home wares.


Private garden in the coastal town of Kinsale, Co Cork, Ireland.

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