Harry Potter Birthday Party

My son is a big Harry Potter fan and we have enjoyed reading the series of books and watching the films with him. It was a lot of fun planning his Birthday party based on that theme.

Firstly we made up two invitations one for sending by post and the other for our few hand deliveries. We made up a simple owl shape from card stock, adding some eyes from some pages from an old copy of Harry Potter and some coloured paper. We attached the birthday details inside and sealed the envelope with a H wax seal.


For the second invitation we covered a toilet roll in grey card and drew a owl on top and then added a roll underneath also in grey card that we could pop the birthday detail in.


Fortunately for us a good friend had also hosted a Harry Potter party earlier in the year and she gave me some proclamations and handmade buntings for decorations.

The cupcakes were a Mary Berry recipe, I decorated them using homemade coloured frosting and yellow M&Ms for owl beaks , Cadbury’s Chocolate buttons for eyes and some wings, I also cut some larger pieces of chocolate in half for wings. I also had some cupcakes in the Gryffindor colours yellow and red, I made triangular toppers from Harry Potter page headings that I then added toothpicks to them and I then popped on the top of the cupcakes/buns.

We played several Harry Potter birthday inspired games: Pass the Parcel and a Scavenger hunt. For pass the parcel we started off with a Crayola Owl Kit which my son found in Target that we then wrapped in some fun colourful wrapping paper, every following wrapped layer contained a Chocolate or Crayon frog {they were easy to make by melting broken up bars of chocolate or crayons in a bowl over a saucepan of simmering water on the stove,and then adding the liquid to the mold that I found on Amazon} for our non chocolate eating guests and a Wizard card that I made, I found those images online unfortunately I can’t find the particular source now that I used and I printed some facts about the character on the back. The children sit in a large circle and start passing the parcel around when the music starts and unwrap a a layer of paper when the music stops at a child. We asked a simple HP trivia question after each unwrapping such as “Name two of Harry’s close friends at school”? My only regret was that I didn’t make just crayon frogs as the chocolate ones became soft quickly, thankfully I had them sealed in a plastic bag tied with some bakers string.


For the scavenger hunt I composed some simple linking clues that I scattered around our apartment that proved a big hit with all the children. Most of the objects I made such as the potions book, the mini brooms were old letter and map washi tape wrapped pencils that I stuck some raffia around the top using double sided tape and then I finished off with some fine jute string to resemble a nimbus broom. Toilet roll drawn owls, feathers from Michaels served as quills. Old sticks from the garden became wands.


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